Dresden's charm and Saxony's soul

Whiskies distilled according to the Scottish model, perfected with Saxon perfection. This is how we create single malt whiskies at the Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur that reflect the soul of Saxony with their character and their taste. Martin Brambach, Tatort detective, actor, author and connoisseur regularly inspects the progress of production.

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Es wartet ein interessanter Arbeitsplatz in einer besonderen Location.


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3,000 new trees for 3,000 casks

Germany's largest whisky distillery, Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur, used a seminar on the topic of "Trees, wood, sustainability" as an opportunity to reflect on its own role in this context. As casks are made from wood, this raw material should be returned to nature. As part of its commitment to sustainability, Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur is now planting 3,000 new trees so that there will be a basis for new casks in the future and the carbon footprint is improved at the same time.


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Winzeredition Nr. 6 vorgestellt

Zusammen mit dem Winzer Jan Ulrich stellte die Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur am 22. März 2024 die Edition Nr. 6 der Sächsischen Winzeredition vor, die in Cabernet-Blanc-Fässern vom  Weingut Ulf Große aus Diesbar-Seußlitz veredelt wurde.

„Wir haben zwei leere Fässer, in denen wir bis dahin unseren Cabernet Blanc lagerten, in die Dresdner Manufaktur gebracht und warteten gespannt auf das Ergebnis“, so Jan Ulrich, Inhaber des gleichnamigen Weinguts.

“Sechsjähriger Whisky, in einem Bourbon-Fass gereift und dann nochmals ein Jahr im Jan-Ulrich-Fass, ist schon eine Besonderheit an sich“, sagt Thomas Michalski, Blend Master (Geschmacksverantwortlicher) der Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur.

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HELLDOG wins silver

The Craft Spirits Berlin Awards 2024 honours our HELLDOG with silver. This is the third time our HELLDOG has been honoured. After a gold medal at the International Spirit Challenge 2023 in London and four glasses (national top) for distillates in Gault Millau, our HELLDOG has now been honoured for the third time.

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In den nächste 8 Wochen wird in der Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur getorftes Malz gemaischt, vergoren und gebrannt. Ein ganz neues Aromenspekturm erfüllt die Destillerie. Erleben Sie die neuen Dufteindrücke bei einer Führung durch unsere Manufaktur.

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HELLINGER 42 - the podcast

Why are two blokes building a whisky factory in Dresden?

Learn about the history of the Dresden Whisky Manufactory and listen to our two founders.

"Hellinger42 - if only everything were that simple... "

Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Hellinger42, from the Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur, Germany's largest whisky distillery! Here you can expect fascinating insights into our high-quality production, our passion for fine whisky and the breathtaking world of distillation. In our podcast, founders Frank and Thomas reveal many an exciting anecdote from the early days and take you on a journey into the world of flavour.

Let's open a cask!

New films every Monday from 6 pm on our YouTube-Kanal

And also as audio at Only available in German. Spotify

Our Whiskies

Unique - Saxon

Hellinger 42

The answer to all questions

Hellinger 42 Rauch

Unique - Smoky

Hellinger 42 Sherry

Unique - Fruity

Hellinger 42 Port

Unique - Full-bodied


Mystical - Peaty - Strong

Scottish tradition meets Saxon craftsmanship.

Saxony offers everything needed for a good single malt whisky - barley, water and yeast. But also passion, a love of traditional craftsmanship and the know-how to implement state-of-the-art production methods. And of course the atmosphere and history of the Saxon residence Dresden. This is how we create a whisky that is Saxon through and through, the enjoyment of which not only reveals its unmistakable taste, but also lets you feel the charm of Dresden and the soul of Saxony.

The Manufacture and its divisions

The Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur is currently being built in Dresden's Alberthafen (Albert Harbour) with all the necessary production facilities and a visitor centre.

On this page you can follow the construction work in the manufactory. We will regularly inform you here about the current status.


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Spike’s Breaking Bread’s Kommentar, wie alles begann …


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… und was daraus geworden ist.

The Visitor Centre
Visitor Centre


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