Dresden's charm and Saxony's soul

Whiskies distilled according to the Scottish method, finished with Saxon perfection. This is how we at the Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur create single malt whiskies that reflect the soul of Saxony with their character and taste.

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Wir suchen Unterstützung für unser Besucherzentrum

We have opened our visitor centre

Direkt am historischen Alberthafen, mitten in Dresden, befindet sich das Besucherzentrum und ist bereit für Ihren Besuch. Wir haben für Sie täglich geöffnet und heißen Sie herzlich willkommen in unseren Räumlichkeiten.

Discover our whiskies and liqueurs and much more about our manufactory. 

Öffnungszeiten Mo 14 – 19 Uhr und Di bis So 10 – 19 Uhr.

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Discovering a whisky directly in the manufactory is always a special experience. Every Thursday at 6 pm at our tastings.

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Our Whiskies

Unique - Saxon

Hellinger 42

The answer to all questions

Hellinger 42 Rauch

Unique - Smoky

Hellinger 42 Sherry

Unique - Fruity

Hellinger 42 Port

Unique - Full-bodied


Mystical - Peaty - Strong

Scottish tradition meets Saxon craftsmanship.

Saxony offers everything needed for a good single malt whisky - barley, water and yeast. But also passion, a love of traditional craftsmanship and the know-how to implement state-of-the-art production methods. And of course the atmosphere and history of the Saxon residence Dresden. This is how we create a whisky that is Saxon through and through, the enjoyment of which not only reveals its unmistakable taste, but also lets you feel the charm of Dresden and the soul of Saxony.

A manufactory comes into being

The Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur is currently being built in Dresden's Alberthafen (Albert Harbour) with all the necessary production facilities and a visitor centre.

On this page you can follow the construction work in the manufactory. We will regularly inform you here about the current status.

The Visitor Centre
Visitor Centre


An experience for the senses


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News from the Dresden Whisky Manufactory


Our fermentation tanks have arrived

On Monday, 18 October, our fermentation tanks arrived and since today, Tuesday, 19 October, they are being installed in our brewhouse. The individual tanks have to be placed in their correct position with precision by the craftsmen. Only then can the piping take place, where about 2,000 metres of piping have to be laid to connect the entire brewing system.

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Opening of the Visitor Centre

The Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur opens its doors to visitors after a year of construction. After a year of construction, the Dresden Whisky Manufactory opens its doors to visitors. From now on, the visitor centre in the manufactory is open daily (Mon. 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., Tues.-Sun. 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.). All five types of Dresden whisky are on sale there, as well as a wide range of merchandise. In addition, the staff will answer all important questions about whisky.

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The Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur has combined local and exotic fruits with its whisky to develop liqueurs that, like the HELLINGER whiskies, reflect the charm of Dresden and the soul of Saxony.

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The construction continues to progress

The construction work in the manufactory continues to progress. The walls and ceilings have been painted, all the pipes have been laid and the sandstone frames for our whisky shelves have already been installed.

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Spike's Breaking Bread at the Distillery

At the beginning of March 2021, Spike visited the Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur, which is still under construction, and was visibly impressed by what will be created there. He recorded his visit on film and published it on YouTube. Have fun watching. (Only available in German)

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