Die Manufaktur und Ihre Bereiche

In the middle of Dresden, in the Alberthafen, stands what is currently Germany's largest whisky manufactory. All the necessary production facilities have found their home here.

Our stills - here the newmake is produced in two distillation processes, which is then filled into our casks.

The mash tun - this is where ground malt and water are used to mash the wort for the fermentation process.

CIP - Cleaning in Place - our cleaning system. With the CIP, all parts of the production line are cleaned and prepared for the next use.

The distillation

Whisky is MORE. More than just one spirit among many. Whisky is an attitude to life. There is more to its production than the distillation of grain mash, more than filling it into wooden barrels. It is the perfection of the processes that drives us, and that makes HELLINGER 42 a true Saxon.

Because it is Saxon precision that turns the Scottish model into something very special in our manufactory. It is the local craftsmanship, the storage in Dresden - here our single malt breathes the eventful history of the state capital - the charm and the soul of Saxony that makes HELLINGER 42 the only true answer for whisky connoisseurs.

. In the chapter "Distillation" we explain the processes that are necessary for this.

The Manufacture and its divisions

At the same time, we make HELLINGER 42 an experience on site. Because where our whisky is produced, connoisseurs and aficionados are of course not to be missed. The visitor centre is directly connected to the production, true to the motto: "Right in the middle of it, instead of just being there!" In the chapter "A manufactory is being built" we regularly inform you about the construction progress in the manufactory.