Whisky is MORE. More than just one spirit among many. Whisky is a way of life. There is more to its production than the distillation of grain mash, more than filling it into wooden casks. It is the perfection of the processes that drives us, and that makes HELLINGER 42 a true Saxon.

Because the Scottish model only becomes something very special in our manufactory through Saxon precision. It is the local craftsmanship, the storage in Dresden - here our single malt breathes the turbulent history of the state capital - the charm and soul of Saxony, which makes HELLINGER 42 the only true answer for whiskey connoisseurs.

Hellinger 42

Unique · Charming · Saxon!

Maturing in American bourbon casks gives it its golden colour and round taste.


Bright fragrant fruit, especially apple and peach. Vanilla mixed with honey and a light malt note. A slight hint of cask-aged white wine.


The first impression is mild with a harmonious mouthfeel. Then the spice nuances develop with vanilla in the foreground. But also peach, spices and a hint of coconut. Toffee and five pepper appear later.


A harmonious but short finish with vanilla, wood and toffee.

Hellinger 42 Rauch

Unique · Smoky · Saxon!

Smoking over peat and maturing in American bourbon casks gives it its dark golden colour and full smoky flavour.


A light malty smoke with vanilla, honey and hints of orange and tangerine. Apples, pears and melting dark chocolate.


Clear delicate smoke without medicinal notes. Vanilla, cloves, pepper. Later the smoke becomes clearer. Campfire smoke combined with caramel dominates in front of bright fruits.


A short finish heavy with smoke, dominated by spices.

Hellinger 42 Sherry

Unique · fruity · Saxon!

Aged in American bourbon casks, it is then matured in sherry casks. This is how it gets its amber colour and its fruity, nutty note.


A flood of typical sherry aromas. Dark ripe fruits, nuts, sultanas, dark chocolate and cocoa. Little wood, a hint of vanilla combined with glazed tangerines and delicate citrus aromas.


Full-bodied, oily, spicy combined with lots of ripe fruit. Sultanas, and again, dark chocolate and cocoa. Roasted aromas, spices, toffee and a hint of coffee follow later.


Strong and dry. Dark chocolate, a hint of ginger. Sultanas, cocoa and toffee linger.

Hellinger 42 Port

Unique · Full-bodied · Saxon!

– Single barrel filling –

Aged in American bourbon casks, it is then matured in port wine barrels. This is how it gets its dark colour and its full-bodied, spicy note.


Floral with noble spices, herbs and citrus fruit. The sweetness of caramel and honey, and further back, red wine, ginger and delicate oak.


Full-bodied, creamy as a melange of baked apples preserved pears, sour cherries and caramel. Later, herbs, wild fruits and oak appear.


The finish is complex with oak and a warming malty sweetness combined with a hint of citrus.


Mystical · Peaty · Strong!

Smoked over peat during malting, matured in American bourbon casks and finished in sherry casks. Water from Siehdichfür is also used in the production of this special whisky. This gives SIEHDICHFÜR its special mystical note. The legend of the origin of the name Siehdichfür comes from the time of the Thirty Years' War. In 1632, when Swedish horsemen raided and plundered the Vogtland, they also passed through Grünbach. The horsemen wanted to know how to get to Schöneck and asked an old woman by the name of Wittigen which way to go. She probably suspected that this did not bode well for the people of Schöneck and kept quiet. It was only when they threatened her and set fire to her house that she showed the riders the way: not the right way, however, but a path that led into the swamp. She called out to them: "Sieh Dich für!" (old saxon for "pay attention"). There, the horsemen are said to have sunk in the bog. Even today, this place radiates a mystical atmosphere that is transferred to the SIEHDICHFÜR and makes it so unique.


Typical campfire smoke with smoked bacon and gingerbread spice. Sweet, dark, dried fruits, chocolate and light vanilla notes.


Complex and multilayered, yet powerful, warm, with sultanas and dark chocolate. The smoke and oak provide a counterpoint to the toffee and caramelised fruits.


Strong and dense. When the smoke has passed, toffee and vanilla linger flatteringly on the palate.

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