Whisky refinement on board the PD DRESDEN

Voller Whisky-Geschmack voraus!

The HELLINGER 42-Edition "WEIßE FLOTTE SACHSEN - PD Dresden" is refined on board this ship in specially made German oak casks. Previously, the whisky matured for several years in bourbon barrels. Both the movement of the ship and the constant change in ambient temperature lead to an intensive development of the aromas. The special climate of the Elbe Valley and Saxon Switzerland additionally influence the taste of the whisky.

Above right: skipper Andreas Weber, cask master Mike Michalski and co-founder of the Dresden Whisky Manufactory Thomas Michalski.

Unten links: Skipper Andreas Weber and co-founder of Dresdner Whisky Manufaktur Thomas Michalski.

The barrels were loaded onto the ship in a spectacular way. A crane had to hoist each barrel individually onto the upper deck with the help of a cargo net. From there, it was then transported to the storage location to the left and right of the chimney using traditional muscle power.


The casks will now be stored upright here for several months. The change in weather and the movement of the ships will cause the whisky to mature more quickly in the casks. Dresden, the Elbe and Saxon Switzerland will also influence the character of the whisky.

The edition WEIßE FLOTTE SACHSEN - PD DRESDEN is available at the Visitor Centre of the Dresden Whisky Manufactory, online or in the WEIßE FLOTTE shop on Georg-Treu-Platz in Dresden.

Edition: 450 Bottles

0,7l, 46% Vol.,
Price: 79,- €/Bottle

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